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LEHZAA aims to re-create the clothing staples of women of a multitude of body types. Developed in natural fibres, cut in comfortable silhouettes and finished to the highest quality, it is the go-to brand for luxury essentials. Each collection is produced in mindful drops, with responsibly sourced cloth and ethical labour practices.


Perennial Quintessentials

Our core capsule collection of eleven garments empowers clients to have a curated wardrobe that is good year round. It is adaptable to any season, body type and occasion.

Know What You Wear

Our collection comprises majorly of natural fibres. We responsibly source our cloth from reputed mills in the UK, EU and Japan to ensure business and product sustainability and integrity.

Adaptable Silhouettes

Cut in a trapeze shape, our silhouettes are designed to be universally flattering. 

They can be effortlessly paired with other clothing to enhance individual style sensibility.


We closely work with ateliers and craftspeople that specialise in their respective rights across Europe and New York City. This helps us monitor our supply chain every step of the way, thereby ensuring utmost transparency, quality control and fair labour practices.



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